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The employer promise brings Cramo’s career site to life


The employees at Cramo believed that it was a discrepancy between the image of their company and how they experience working for Cramo. They wanted to move from an industrial image, to take a more modern position. As a matter of fact, with 2500 employees and businesses in 14 countries, Cramo is part of a very exciting context, where the sharing economy and sustainability are in focus. First step was to help Cramo develop their employer promise ”We are shapers”, which was well received. It strengthen the internal pride and create involvement among the employees. But how could we create interest for Cramo among potential employees?


We started with developing a platform, a new global career site – to visualize Cramo’s employer promise and share the pride of Cramo’s employees. With the slogan ”We are shapers”, we inspire the visitors in different ways. You can join Cramo’s change journey in the film ”We are Shapers”, take the value quiz ”What kind of Shaper are you?” or read the employees’ own stories from the inside of Cramo. In a series of Instagram films, we also created curiosity about Cramo – with the intent to increase traffic to the career site.


Today, Cramo has a career site which is not only modern, but which clarifies what Cramo stands for and what they can offer potential employees. It also describes what is needed from their employees in order to be part of Cramo’s exciting journey. During the launch of the career site, traffic to the site – and especially to the vacant jobs page– increased significantly. The efforts we made, have placed Cramo on the map for attractive employers.

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