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HR toolbox strengthened Cramo’s employee experience


When we first started working with Cramo, the company was in the beginning of a transformation journey. They had just started to implement their new corporate strategy and they were aiming for the future. Cramo wanted to take their industry to the next level – and the development of their people was one of the strategic focus areas. HR in Cramo has always been decentralized, with autonomous operational units in 14 different markets. Simply put, there was 14 different ways of working with people related questions. Our mission was to move Cramo towards one common way of working – and thereby start building “One Cramo”.


With Cramo’s EVP ”We are Shapers” as a starting point, we built a people strategy. It pointed out the direction and became the foundation from which we developed processes and guidelines on how to attract, recruit and on-board new employees. To ensure that all employees get a clearer view of possible career paths, we built a framework which governs the competencies and behaviors that are expected of Cramo’s employees on different professional levels. The framework further laid the foundation for Cramo’s updated performance review – ”The Shaper Talk” – which aims to enable their employees to reach their full potential. Lastly, to ensure a talent pipeline for the future we have developed frameworks for a top talent programme and succession planning.


Today, Cramo has a toolbox for how to work with the development of their people. The processes and frameworks have been translated to at least 10 different languages – implementation started during 2018 and continues in 2019. By developing an HR toolbox with a clear common thread, we came closer to Cramo’s goal to become ”One Cramo”. We also contributed to a greater employee experience – for all employees.

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