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Fredrik Stranne

CEO, Senior Advisor
Kuvert +46 70 790 85 95

20 years’ experience from HR, Employer Branding, Employee Engagement and Talent Sourcing. Founder of Coreworkers 2006.


Hanna Hedberg

COO, Senior Advisor
Kuvert +46 733 144 118

More info coming soon...


Claes Chatillon-Winbergh

Head of People Business, Senior Advisor
Kuvert +46 70 569 23 62

20 years’ experience from communication. The last 8 years within Employer Branding, Employee Engagement and Talent Sourcing. Partner and came to Coreworkers 2007.


Anna Collin

Head of People Business, Senior Advisor
Envelope +46 73 342 62 81

Most recently held responsibility for SEBs employer brand. Has a background in marketing, recruitment, change management, as well as business and product development. At Coreworkers since February 2017.


Elin Arnell

Head of People Business, Senior Advisor
Kuvert Parental leave

More than 10 years’ experience from Talent Management, Employer Branding, leadership development and HR. Partner and came to Coreworkers 2011.


Madeleine Lindqvist Farrokhi

Media Planner
Kuvert Parental leave

Media Planner with 5 years’ experince from consulting/advicing within social and digital media. At Coreworkers since 2010.


Jimmie Bergqvist

Design Director
Kuvert +46 70 944 10 01

11 years’ experience from working as graphical designer, illustrator and creative director. At Coreworkers since 2011.


Patrik Gullbert

Final Art & IT Manager
Kuvert +46 70 964 74 49

Experienced in final arts and graphical design from several large advertising agencies, as well as digital and IT skills.


Johan Ström

Art Director
Kuvert +46 70 630 09 04

17 years’ experience from working as Art Director, at agencies and larger organizations. At Coreworkers since 2010.


Dennis Cessan

Creative Tech

Over 15 years’ experience from web and digital solutions, partly from commercial and marketing agencies. At Coreworkers since 2014.


Fredrik Holmberg

Art Director
Kuvert Parental leave

Creator and a man of ideas. 15 years’ experience from the advertising industry, along with a degree from Hyper Island. At Coreworkers since 2015.


Karin Ahlberg

Copywriter, Concept/Analysis
Kuvert +46 76 130 57 43

A background in journalism, and 15 years’ experience from communication and marketing, partly within social media. At Coreworkers since 2015.


Annika Sandberg

Copywriter/Production Manager
Kuvert +46 72 858 86 94

Annika has more than 20 years of experience from working with IKEA. Most recently she worked with IKEA Talent Focus Week, the biggest employee engagement event in the world. Previously, she has also worked as a communications consultant with focus on coaching young people in building their personal brand. Annika became a Coreworker in August, 2017.


Matilda Relam

Assisting Art Director
Kuvert +46 70 445 25 04


Anna Dyhre

Senior Advisor
Kuvert +46 70 830 06 15

Experienced advisor, author and lecturer, specialized in Employer Branding. At Coreworkers since 2016.


Maria Waddington

People Business Advisor
Kuvert +46 70 496 49 85

Experienced employer branding manager and advisor, with a bachelor degree in Engineering. At Coreworkers since 2016.


Johan Mork

Art Director
Kuvert +46 70 618 08 08

Skilled Art Director with solid experience and knowledge of mobile communication. At Coreworkers since 2016.


Aida Amoli

Digital & Social Media Manager


Elin Berg

Production Manager
Kuvert +46 70 991 11 43

Has a background in HR and HR communication. Seven years’ experience from marketing, recruitment and project management. At Coreworkers since 2016.


Matilda Romin

People Business Advisor
Kuvert Parental leave

A background in strategic and operative HR. Eleven years’ experience from HR with focus on Employer Branding. At Coreworkers since 2016.


Tina Männik Almqvist

People Business Advisor
Kuvert +46 70 399 12 89

Over 15 years’ experience in strategic and operative HR, with focus on Employer Branding, Talent Management and Diversity & Inclusion. At Coreworkers since 2016.


Anna Holmgren

Copywriter Concept/Analysis
Kuvert +46 70 206 26 38

Ten years’ experience in HR, with focus on recruitment and Employer Branding. Her passion for writing took her to Coreworkers 2017.


Emma Hagberg

Copywriter Concept/Analysis
Kuvert +46 70 716 14 91

10 years’ copywriter experience with a background in working at ad and digital agencies as well as on the customer side. A Coreworker since February 2017.


Anna Majdalani

Copywriter Concept/Analysis
Kuvert +46 73 664 54 85

15 years’ experience in employee communication and learning, mainly on digital platforms. Besides writing, she has a passion for tv, cinema and music. Anna became a Coreworker 2017.


Anne Margrethe Mannerfelt

Copywriter Concept/Analysis
Kuvert +46 72 962 33 22

15 years’ experience in employer branding. Has been working as self-employeed and at different companies in Sweden, the US and Great Britain. At Coreworkers since April 2017.


Rut Liljestrand

People Business Advisor
Kuvert +46 73 342 63 34

Experienced Human Resources professional with a background in strategic as well as operational HR-work. Has held roles such as HR Manager, HR Specialist and Recruitment Consultant. A Coreworker since May 2017.


Angela Rosenberg

Art Director
Kuvert +46 70 672 32 40