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Akademiska Hospital

In black and white – this is what it is like to work for Akademiska Hospital


Lacking resources and staff, Akademiska Hospital struggles to compete with recruiting agencies on salaries. At the same time, they have a low budget for marketing and recruiting. The different departments of the Academic Hospital did their best to solve staff shortages, but despite great initiatives, the red thread was missing which lead to a weakened employer brand.


We saw the possibility for Akademiska Hospital to take the employer brand position as the only health care employer who dares to challenge the clean and fresh ”dentist-look-alike-recruitment-ads”. Our communication approach builds on transparency and authenticity where the employees were asked to state both the bad and the good about their job. The ”black and white statements” create a feeling of presence and genuineness. The recruitment process itself builds engagement and pride internally – and helps ambassadors spread the ads in their network.


One month after the first campaign was launched, there was a total reach on Facebook of 175,000. At a later stage, we saw that more than 5,300 had clicked into the campaign site or gone directly into to the ’available job site’. The amount of people who have liked, shared and commented on the campaign has passed 2,300. After two months, four new ads were launched on Facebook – with the same strong result! Earlier, Akademiska Hospital had had problems with negative comments in their feed, but within this campaign they mainly received positive feedback. The campaign received a bronze medal in Magnet Awards, Swedish championships in Employer Branding. The motivation of the jury was: ”With this campaign, Akademiska Hospital manage to emotionally move people and talk straight to their hearts, in a powerful and authentic way.”

Coreworkers was spot on our challenge – and created a customized concept. No doubt it was perfect for us. And we've got so much positive feedback, both internally and externally.

Johanna Henriksson

HR Developer for leadership and Employer Branding

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