“I’m proud that King once again has been appointed Sweden’s best employer”

Written 17 november, 2014 in category Coreworkers, Employer Branding, News by Claes Chatillon-Winbergh

Today, we at Coreworkers are slightly more happy than usual because our customer King has been appointed Sweden’s best employer – for the second year in a row. King wins the group of companies exceeding 250 employees.

Hello, Robert Käck, globally responsible for Employer Branding at King. Congratulations!
– Thank you! To top the list this year again is really fantastic. It really shows that it’s worthwhile working with the long-term goals and that we have very strong core values.

Why do you think King has been so successful in this survey?
– King has a history that stretches further back than most people are aware of. The company has been around for over ten years and all the original partners still work here in operative positions. I really think our core values, in place from the very start, are the most important factors to us reaching so high in the survey. We’ve actually increased our rating from last year, keeping in mind that we have an IPO (initial public offering) this spring behind us. I’m proud over the result, but also humble – because we have a lot of more work to do.

What other success factors can you reveal to us?
– We are good listeners, taking in our employees’ thoughts and ideas. I believe and hope that this is one of our strong points. We do employee surveys and follow up on them properly. Despite our growth, we try to keep the teams small, we actively work with benefits and social activities.

How do you make sure new employees fit in?
– All our newly employed go through six interviews, whereof at least three are founded in our core values. We want to make absolutely sure that anyone who begins working here really fits into our specific culture. Another proof of our great culture is that no less than 37% of our new hires stem from recommendations from our co-workers.

You have a great focus on your internal Employer Branding?
– Yes, we do focus on the internal. Retention is a key factor to us, and communicating our Employer Brand as best we can internally is prioritised.

Read the whole survey here.