“Everyone should have a digital introduction”

Written 7 november, 2014 in category Coreworkers by Claes Chatillon-Winbergh

During spring and early summer, Teresa, Patrik, Jimmie and myself have developed Casino Cosmopol’s new digital introduction. And by that, we don’t mean some tedious e-learning module. We believe that learning by creating interest and engagement, and that’s why an introduction is so smart to use. It can hold films (for Casino Cosmopol we created five films), interactive segments, storytelling, facts, photos, infographics and so on.

– With Coreworkers’ broad HR experience and professionalism, we’ve felt secure all along. They have really dug into and understood Casino Cosmopol’s operations, says Matilda Eriksson, who was responsible at Casino Cosmopol for the Employer Branding work during the process. Plus their commitment, which really rubbed off!

Even if we at Coreworkers manage the production itself, we always view ourselves as part of a team with our customer. All the way from workshops regarding the content to the film production and internal implementation. One of the bonuses is the engagement and commitment to the task that arises along the way. Not only within HR, but in all those who in some way take part in, for instance, interviews or films.

– Apart from the fact that the introduction so clearly reflects our core values and culture, it will help us further our position as an employer as it is a modern and new way of welcoming new hires. Every employer should have a digital introduction, Matilda Eriksson adds.

Previous to this work, we have developed Casino Cosmopol’s Employer Value Proposition, or EVP. The company needed help in extracting a clear and attractive general EVP, containing both offer and demands. To facilitate recruitment to specific positions, we also developed a few specific EVP’s. An important part of a proper EVP work is also to find out about what improvements or changes can be made to become an even more attractive employer.

– This is a truly important aspect, and it has really provided us with great insight into what needs to be done. Coreworkers’ analysis will be taken further locally in each casino. Everything from the EVP to the digital introduction will clearly contribute to making Casino Cosmopol a unified organisation, ONE Casino Cosmopol.